Better Future Factory is a sustainable design and engineering studio. We are specialists in transforming waste streams into great products.

We create products and systems that lead to a better future. It’s time to make change by move away from lineair product cycles and start closing loops. We believe in re-imagineering products and processes into iconic, sustainable and scalable solutions. In co creation with clients and we initiate our own projects which often grow into new start-ups.

We turn old car dashboards into 3d printer ink selling our recycled filament worldwide. Refil is a Better Future Factory in-house startup, which is the world’s first high quality recycled filament brand. We’re good at finding new ways for recycling plastics, but that’s not all we do. Old slices of bread are transformed into energy and landfills into mines, creating new circular economy entrepreneurs.

Engaging stories and innovative engineering together have the power to create a cleaner and better future tomorrow. We help companies finding their way in the circular economy and create new ways for recycling plastic. Find out how we can work together.